In an effort to standardise the external appearance of the building, Committees of the Owners Corporation have resolved that residents:

May install

  • Either curtains, roller blinds, vertical blinds or shutters, provided that what is visible from the outside of the building is white in colour.

Must obtain written consent of the Owners Corporation for:

  • All major structural alterations within the Lot are subject to approval at an Extraordinary General Meeting of Owners of a draft by-law, engineering report prepared by a qualified structural engineer, and a detailed scope of works;
    Installation of tinted film to windows
  • Change the existing main balcony sliding door from 2 sections to 3 sections in accordance with specification;

Following consent, installation/alteration of these items must conform to approved specifications available from the Strata Managing Agent and in accordance with information provided within the “Renovations” section on this website.

A minimum of 28 days’ prior notice of any proposed works is required. Work cannot commence until approval has been granted and timetable established as outlined within Renovations section.

Consent will not be granted for:

  • Installation of externally mounted air conditioning units at window openings;
  • Installation of security front door screens;
  • Replacement of the wire reinforced glass in balcony railings with clear safety glass. This is a matter for the Owners Corporation;
  • Changing the appearance of unit entry doors in any way as they form part of the common property.

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