Residents have chosen Langley for a variety of reasons – lifestyle, convenience and the amenities on offer.

For our ongoing enjoyment of life in Langley it is up to all of us to work together to ensure harmony among residents, maintain our property and preserve our safe, secure and pleasant environment.

Positive individual efforts do make a big difference and your Committee seeks your co-operation.

It is in the interests of all residents that established procedures be followed to ensure the safety and security of residents and property.

    • Exit doors should not be left ajar or propped open; residents should ensure all doors close firmly behind them.
    • Please do not allow entrance to anyone other than your invited guests/trades people.
    • When answering your intercom satisfy yourself as to the identity of the caller prior to admitting them.

All residents are entitled to quiet enjoyment. The most common causes of complaint are excessive noise caused by: sound systems (which reverberate throughout the building) and loud conversations on balconies and within units. Spare a thought for your neighbours – reduce the volume of the music and the conversation.

The penetration of smoke from smoking or BBQ’s into a lot or common property can be considered a nuisance or hazard and can interfere unreasonably with the use or enjoyment of the common property or another lot. Please ensure that any smoke or fumes from your unit do not interfere with common property or your neighbours. Smoking or the use of BBQ’s on common property is expressly prohibited. Please also refer to relevant By-Law.

Pool hours are between 6.00am and 8.00pm. Users are requested to shower prior to entering the pool. No food or drink is to be consumed within the pool enclosure. Glass bottles/drink containers are especially prohibited for safety reasons. Radios/sound equipment should not be audible outside the enclosure. Residents may have 3 to 4 guests so long as guests do not interfere with other residents’ pool use. Guests must be accompanied by the resident – children must be supervised at all times.

The pool gate is to be re-locked when leaving the pool unless other users are within the pool enclosure.

Residents using the sauna are requested to leave it clean and tidy and ensure that all lights and power are switched off.

Located at the rear of Langley, these spaces are for the use of visitors only. They are not for the use of residents. The designated “trades only” spaces are not to be used during Monday-Friday.

Allocated car spaces in the basement car park are for car parking. In addition a maximum of two (2) bicycles (excluding exercise bikes) and one (1) personal shopping trolley can be stored at the rear of the car. All other items must be stored in your unit or in your lock-up storage area. Your car should not encroach into your neighbour’s car space; you should leave sufficient room for clear and unobstructed access to their vehicle.

Residents are requested to keep their allocated storage area clean and tidy. Failure to do so attracts vermin, creates a health hazard and is contrary to fire safety regulations. No items are to be stored in the corridors of the basement storage area. On exiting please turn off the lights and lock the door.

Located on each floor adjacent to the elevators the chutes are for the disposal of vegetable matter only. All vegetable matter must be tightly wrapped in paper or plastic bags and securely tied.

Other litter of any kind is prohibited.. All other items must be taken to the basement garbage room and placed in the appropriate bins including recycling.

Please abide by all other information relating to garbage disposal as displayed in appropriate areas.

    • General household clean-up – all information including North Sydney Council’s phone number/online website address is on the large notice board in the garbage room.
    • Council fortnightly collection – Please place items in the area to the right of the carpark exit on the night prior to collection.
      • Items not accepted – building materials, bricks, timber, iron, liquid waste (incl. paint), motor vehicle parts and tyres.
      • Large Items accepted – refrigerators, washing machines and dryers etc. A special booking is essential and details must be given to Council officers when making the booking.

Residents are requested not to leave items in the internal stairwells which are an emergency exit and must remain unobstructed at all times. Items such as shopping trolleys and bicycles must not be left in the common areas. For safety reasons rubbish must not be deposited in either the Fire Hydrant or Electrical cupboards located at opposite ends of the upper floor lobbies.

Multiple copies of phone books, business directories, local newspaper etc, will be placed in the lobby for collection by residents.

Residents are advised to check mailboxes each Monday through Friday due to the ongoing and increased issues of mailbox/identity theft. A resident directory is maintained in the ground floor lobby. Please advise the Secretary of any name changes.

You must not interfere with the passage or provision of water, sewerage, drainage, gas or other similar services.

You must not use or enjoy your lot in such a way which might cause a nuisance or hazard to another resident.

You must not use or enjoy the common property in a way that may interfere unreasonably with another resident’s use and enjoyment of common property or the resident’s lot.

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